The Raven Wine
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6/52 [street]

frozen veins by worteinbildern on Flickr.

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Holga FN double exposure | Yellowstone National Park #blackandwhite #holga #analog #doubleexposure #yellowstone #portrait #ghost #pdx #travel

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I gave you the space so you could breathe by .joanna.galuszka. on Flickr.

❝ The good times and the bad times both will pass. It will pass. It will get easier. But the fact that it will get easier does not mean that it doesn’t hurt now. And when people try to minimize your pain they are doing you a disservice. And when you try to minimize your own pain you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t do that. The truth is that it hurts because it’s real. It hurts because it mattered. And that’s an important thing to acknowledge to yourself. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t end, that it won’t get better. Because it will.

— John Green (via v1rtual-real1ty)

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NGC 4038 Colliding Galaxies - Hubble Legacy Archive (EXPLORED) by John.R.Taylor on Flickr.

el tatio by rebecca.genet on Flickr.

❝ I write only because
There is a voice within me
That will not be still.

— Sylvia Plath

I’m blinded, always sitting behind velvet curtains by mademoiselle automne. on Flickr.

untitled by skippedheartbeats on Flickr.

❝ Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes … those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.

— Sophie Scholl, German student and member of non-violent Nazi resistance group (via wirrow)